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Andrea Kreeger is best known locally in her community for her work in ceramics both functional and sculptural artwork in porcelain clay, and kiln formed glass. She has created an open studio environment and has been sharing her space and expertise with her community for many years in Summit County Colorado. She has been teaching for over 15 years and has been inspired by her young students and their enthusiasm, unique creativity, and their insatiable curiosity.

Andrea is working on a new body of work in contemporary oil pallet knife paintings, multi media paintings and is ever expanding her portfolio.  She believes color and emotion are closely linked and she is redefining the relationship of color on canvas in her modern work.  Andrea has a passion for many different mediums including glass, metal, paint, wax, clay, photography and is excited to innovate her ever-evolving process. She is deeply inspired by the beauty in nature, people and places around the world, travel, and she finds great joy in the unexpected.  Andrea is often obsessed with learning something new and seeking out things she has never seen before.